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Dreamland Koffucha is a lightly fermented cold brewed coffee that awakens the possibilities of what coffee could and should be. Created by a food scientist who found traditional coffee left him feeling wired, jittery, and anxious, Dreamland was born out of a desire to create a coffee drinking experience that would give him focus and energy without the usual crash.


What started out as a journey to redefine coffee quickly turned into a much larger journey with a much larger purpose. Our inbox and DMs were flooded with people from all backgrounds telling us how much more productive they were after switching from their morning coffee to a morning koffucha. A counterintuitive idea, the notion that more caffeine made people less productive. This discovery led us to a revolutionary thought: People are better not when they strive for more, more, more, but instead are better when they strive for balance.


At Dreamland, we’re here to bring balance to your everyday life. Whether you be a stay at home dad, an ultra marathoner, a corporate exec, an artist, or a student, we believe that everyone has an innate desire to better themselves; the noble pursuit of greatness. We want to help you fuel that pursuit. Not by loading you down with caffeine, but by reminding you that you don’t have to go full throttle all the time to be great. Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is stop and daydream every now and then. That deadline can wait.